• Sarah Walder

Cello Trip Album

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post!

Great news - I just was awarded a SENA music production grant for my second Cello Trip album!

I've been wanting to record my second solo album for a while now. It seemed like a great idea to record it this spring since all of my concerts have been cancelled. My producer, recording technician and friend Jaap was happy to help, and he also has a studio in which we can socially distance. We got a slow start - Jaap got Covid-19 in early March. Every time he got better we'd set up a recording date. Then he'd get sick again and we'd have to cancel.

On April 7 we finally met for the first session. We were both really happy to have something music-related to do. We have a tradition of drinking coffee and eating dark chocolate on recording days: Jaap provides the coffee, I provide the chocolate. After our first round of coffee and chocolate, we set up to record using two microphones relatively close to the cello. Because we are recording music that I wrote for cello with loop station, I play with headphones. That way, Jaap can play back the tracks we have already recorded so that I can improvise over them.

The first piece we recorded is a piece I've named Joy. A short sweet ground bass with some fun cello-percussion that always makes me feel, well, joyous.

Would you be interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to my recording project? If so, check out the donation link on my site,

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